About Us

Giufá is a sicilian band formed in 2008.The band is joined by musician with different musical experiences who found a meeting point in balkan sound.
Giufá began to compose unreleased songs mixing music from balkans,Maghreb,Sicily and Spain with a Gypsy punk attitude creating a new style called Gypsy tarantella (mixing instruments and proverbs from
sicilian tradition with balkan music).
Aggressive sax riffs, upbeat guitars, 4/4 persistent beats and balkans melodies are the ingredients for an euphoric and energetic show, which entertains and unites people of all ages.Every concert is an
explosion of sound, colour and joy. It seams that the audience becomes part of the show. Giufá’s lyrics tackled the carefree, street life, nomads life and the social problems of the contemporary
era with a morbid sense of humor. Their lyrics, often embellished with spiritual imagery, focus on personal themes and sociopolitical concerns.
In 2012 the band released the single “Brucia” that anticipates the album “Ritmo Gitano”, the album was released in 2013 with the new single “Rumbagitana”. Ritmo Gitano introduce Giufà in the international
balkan world music scene such as one of the most promising band in Europe.
Ritmo Gitano tour crosses the boundaries of Sicily and Italy( 93 gigs in just one year). In september 2014 the band release their new single “i re della città” feat Municipale balcanica, that anticipates a new album called ” Trinakristan”
In 2015 starts the european tour called Trinakristan euro tour and in december 2015 the band relased they re new album “Trinakrisan”. In december “Trinakristan” is at the 28th place at the top 100 itune italy chart.

Giufà are:

Danilo (Vox and Electric guitar)

Riccardo (Bass guitar)

Andrea (Alto sax and soprano sax)

Francesco (Alto sax)

Sergio (Dj Producer)

Salvo (Drums)




Guca Sul Carso (IT),  Alcatraz (IT),  Montreux jazz festival (CH), Carroponte (IT), Boomtown Fair (UK), Paléo Festival(CH), FIMU Festival(FR),  Fete de Geneve (CH), European Kultur Fest (DE), Ebullition (FR), Balkanarama (UK),Festival der Kulturen (DE), The Garage “London” (UK),  Terre Des Hommes Valais (CH), Gibloux Festival (CH), Les Jeudis de Sciez Festival (FR),  Balkan beats London (UK), Mediterranean Student Forum (IT), Festival della nuova Canzone Siciliana (IT), Cous Cous Fest (IT), Fete des Couleurs (CH), Festival Pub Italia (IT)  “miglior band world music”, Sicily Music Village (IT), Nebrodi Fest (IT), Musiche Migranti (IT), Basula Fest (IT), e molti altri festival in Italia e in Europa




Ritmo Gitano (2013)

Trinakristan (2015)

Balkan Beats by Robert Soko (Compilation)

Gypsy Disco Vol. 1 (Compilation)

Guca Sul Carso (Compilation)

Cous Cous Fest (Compilation)

Festival Della nuova canzone Siciliana (Compilation)





I Rio ft Giufà nel brano “Banditi Pirati e Mariachi“

Giufà ft Dudu, Modena City Ramblers nel brano “La carovana Bulgara”

Giufà ft Baciamolemani nel brano “Rumbagitana”

Giufà ft Pablo Rabito nel brano “Suonatore Desperado”

Giufà ft Municipale Balcanica nel brano “I Re Della Città”